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Hydrogeophysics and the 50th anniversary edition of Water Resources Research
Water Resources Research (WRR) has always been the journal that the hydrogeophysics community has targeted for publishing its scientific findings. The most recent issue of WRR celebrates the 50th anniversary of the journal and includes a compilation of review papers on state-of-the-art methods in hydrology. Binley et al. provide a comprehensive and up to date overview of the contributions that hydrogeophysics has made to water resources and ecosystem services research. In addition to documenting how geophysical methods have emerged as valuable tools for investigating shallow subsurface processes over the past two decades, Binley et al. offer a vision for future developments relevant to hydrology and also ecosystem science.

The emergence of hydrogeophysics for improved understanding of subsurface processes over multiple scales
by Andrew Binley, Susan S. Hubbard, Johan A. Huisman, André Revil, David A. Robinson, Kamini Singha, Lee D. Slater

f1_Binley et al 2015

Figure 1. Cartoon of a terrestrial environment, illustrating hydrogeological heterogeneity and how geophysical methods are often used to characterize the “hidden” subsurface. Geophysical data sets provide information about geophysical properties, such as electrical conductivity (shown here), which can potentially be related to hydrogeological properties as shown in Table 1.